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What is AutoMotoCast?

A world free of the middleman
AutoMotoCast is a growing network of users that anyone interested in buying, selling or trading a vehicle can join – experts and non-experts alike, can now voice an opinion and be heard. The innovative thing about AutoMotoCast is that it allows you to cut out all kinds of intermediaries (middleman) and get TRUE value for your asset!

AutoMotoCast’s collective wisdom and insight will allow you to offer, assess, and act on the buying/selling opportunities which you otherwise would never have recognized.

Imagine the possibilities of having everyone in the automotive and motorcycle industry gathered in a single place and waiting to share their wisdom with you! Use the wisdom of “those who know” to give you control over your next vehicle sale or purchase.

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Use the wisdom of the crowd to help make the right decision for you

Let the world know what you want.

You can communicate your automotive needs and wants to the entire automotocast network with a simple click of a button. Let the other buyers, sellers, and even dealers on the network know what you are interested in doing, right now, in real time…

Find what you’re looking for, fast!

Let the crowd come to you! Are you looking for a specific vehicle and don’t have the time or know-how to search the numerous sites or inquire individually about each vehicle? Then send your message directly to the large audience of sellers and dealers and watch the responses come pouring in!
AutoMotoCast’s ability to push information out to the right people finally gives you unprecedented access to groups of buyers and sellers instantly.

Finding the right vehicle has never been easier, whether you are a buyer or a seller, or both…

Connect privately.

Communicate privately and securely with sellers, dealers and other buyers on AutoMoto Cast. Talk and negotiate one-on-one with a seller in your own private chat room.

Customize AutoMoto Cast.

Discussion rooms can be set up for any purpose with any audience. Set up a room for a specific brand of car you might be looking for or even a certain year of vehicle – the sky’s the limit! You can also classify your messages to easily distinguish what you want to read and what you don’t.

Deal directly with the decision makers.

With AutoMoto Cast you get a live audience of decision makers from dealerships, sellers and buyers that you otherwise would not be able to access. No middle man allows for faster negotiation, faster decisions and more time driving your new car!
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